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Nowadays hunting and fishing are not just only sports but parts of nature protection and conservation. There is no area in the Earth which is not affected by human activities. Hunting protects nature with the management and conservation of habitats for all species of plants and animals. It controls and regulates the anthroponetic activities and presence in the aim of wildlife conservation.

The goal of the festival is to highlight the relation between wildlife and humans.

Tradition, sport, wildlife conservation, hunting in the XXI. century.

The quality of movies introducing hunting and fishing possibilities, methods of hunting has gone through a huge development during the last years. Hunting and fishing films made recently should categorise as a new category/section among the documentary, nature films. The festival would like to show that to the audience.
These movies are not about the hunter or the fisherman, but about a community, a responsible activity, moreover about their traditions which hold various services and leisure time activities.
We would like to emphasis the relation of wildlife and humans throughout the movies which display the diversity of wildlife in the aspects of economical, scientific, ethical and aesthetical values.

According to Zsigmond Széchenyi hunter and author: “Hunting is game-chasing and rustling forest leaves, but moreover rustling forest leaves.”

There will be possibilities to the filmmakers, professionals, researchers and every interested people for workshops and professional entertainments. The festival will take place in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő as the part of the XIII. Gödöllő Hunting Day.


Wildlife International Hunting & Fishing Film Festival

Festival place: Gödöllő, Hatvan
Festival date: September 19–20, 2020
Application date: April 01, 2020 – May 31, 2020

The mission of the festival is to highlight the relation between wildlife and nature.  Tradition, sport, wildlife conservation, hunting in the XXI. century. „Mindfulness in the future” – Respect and tradition

Hunting and fishing nowadays are not just sports, but profession, science and passion.

The festival grows attention to the importance of wildlife protection and habitat management throughout the movies.

It gives the opportunity for the filmmakers to show their films, for the professionals and researchers to take part in workshops and entertainments.

The festival will take place in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő as the part of the XIII. Gödöllő Hunting Day.


  1. Wildlife conservation
    – nature and documentary movies which show natural habitats, plant and animal species, and their relation to the humans. Role of conscious habitat conservation and/or hunting in the natural ecosystem managements in the XXI. century.
    Two sections:

    1. television productions/ independent films
    2. short films – max. 10 minutes


  2. Hunting
    – Hunting in the XXI. century. Tradition, nature conservation, sport and tourism. Films which emphasis the role and beauty of hunting in the aspects of wildlife and habitat management. Introducing the passion, the sport, the hunter, the natural and cultural values of an area as a sports tourism destination. Highlighting the role of humans in nature conservation.
    Especially, television production and independent movies, but also short films and videos.
    Three sections:

    1. Mindful hunting: tradition, sport, habitat
    2. Bow hunting
    3. Hunting – sport tourism destinations


  3. Fishing
    – Films showing fishing in the world, the sport, the fisherman, the natural and touristical values of an area as a sports tourism destination.
    Especially, television production and independent movies, but also short films and videos.
    Three sections:

    1. Fishing in lakes, rivers, seas, ponds, streams, etc.
    2. Sport fishing – “Catch&Release” and other techniques
    3. Fishing – sport tourism destinations



Application Date: April 01, 2020 – May 31, 2020

In the case of both competitions films produced exclusively in or after 2018 can be submitted - which were not submitted to the 2018-2019’s festivals. If the film was produced before 2018, or it was submitted, but it was significantly modified or updated it can also be submitted.

The official languages of the Festival are English and Hungarian. The participants are required to upload or send any information in English. The Hungarian participants required to send or upload the materials in both languages.


In 2020 entries can be made in the following ways:

  • Our official entry form available from April 01, 2020 (most preferred way)
  • Filmfreeway
  • Festhome

Submissions are valid on all platforms mentioned before, but please, one film submit only on one platform! If you submit the same film on several platforms, we accept only the latest one. We prefer the festival’s official entry form.

The submission to the Festival is free of charge on the Filmfreeway, on the Festhome and on our official entry.

Requested information for valid entry

For valid entry you should add all the requested information and materials!

Entries must contain the category in which the film is submitted.

The requested information

  • submitter: name, e-mail address, telephone number
  • submitted film’s basic data: original title, English title, completion date, production country, running time, language, English synopsis (max. 500 characters)
  • director(s): name, year of birth, nationality, e-mail address, biography in English (max. 500 characters)
  • credits: director(s), animation director(s), director(s) of photography, editor(s), music editor(s), producer, distributor

Please, pay attention to the maximum number of characters!

The requested materials

  • the submitted film (upload it or add an online link for it)
  • photo of the director (min. 300 DPI quality and with min. 800x600 resolution)
  • 3 stills from the film (min. 300 DPI quality and with min. 800x600 resolution)
  • trailer (optional)
  • English text (in srt format or in a Word document with in-out timecodes – can be required if the film is selected for screening and it is not in Hungarian language)

Please, upload or send the biography in doc or in txt file, not in PDF. Do not use upper case with any of the information added.


The submitted films will be first evaluated by the pre-jury and selected films will be evaluated by the Festival Jury. If the film is not submitted to the appropriate category, the Jury has the right to move in the right category. The filmmakers of the selected films will be informed by 15 July 2020 whether their film was selected for the competition.

The screening copies of the selected films must arrive by 1 August 2020.

The screening copy – if it has not been sent with the submission - should be uploaded with the following min. quality:

  • File format: Mpeg4, mov, mxf, M2ts etc.
  • Resolution: min. 1920x1080 (full HD)
  • Bit rate: min. 20 Mbit

You can also post the screening copy on DVD or Blu-ray disk (we prefer the online sharing):

Róbert Kátai
(Carplove International Nonprofit Ltd.)
Budapest Jászdózsa street 30.

The entrants must cover the shipping costs of all materials entered.

The decisions of the pre-Jury and the Jury are final and cannot be changed, there is no opportunity for appeal.

The Festival is able to translate the films and screen them with Hungarian voice or subtitle. All festival documents will be published in Hungarian and English.

The festival does not pay any screening fee to the filmmakers.

All Festival programs are free of charge.

Figyelem! A nevezési lapon minden adatot hiánytalanul adjon meg, minden mezőt töltsön ki! Hiánypótlásra egy alkalommal nyílik lehetőség. Amennyiben a nevező ennek nem tesz eleget a megadott határidőre, a nevezést nem áll módunkban elfogadni.

Please note! Entries with missing information will not be accepted! The organizers will ask the participants to complete documents only once. If the participants do not respond and provide the relevant information within the deadlines, their entry will not be accepted.


At the 2020’s Festival Gala the total sum of the prizes will amount to €10.000. The Gala will be held on 19 September 2020 in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő. Special thanks to the supporters of the festival.


The organizers will provide accommodation (1 night, maximum 2 people) for the filmmakers for the day of the screening of their film and also the opportunity to participate in the professional activities (conferences, meetings) of the event (preliminary registration is required).


The organizers of the Festival will handle all personal data given to them in connection with the Festival entry confidentially; they will use them only for the registration and for festival publications and will not hand them over to any third party. In case of data and files uploaded to the other international submission webpages the same data protection rules will be applied. The films uploaded to this site mentioned before will be used exclusively for preliminary selection. The films not selected by the jury for screening in the festival program will be deleted.


International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő

Róbert Kátai
(Carplove International Nonprofit Ltd.)
Hungary, Budapest Jászdózsa street 30.


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