Our aim

The quality of movies introducing hunting and fishing possibilities, methods of hunting has gone through a huge development during the last years. Hunting and fishing films made recently should categorise as a new category/section among the documentary, nature films. The festival would like to show that to the audience.

Introducing the festival


Three categories are opened with eight sections of the festival. More details about the submission, see the Film review menu.

Wildlife conservation

1. television productions / independent films
2. short films – max. 10 minutes


1. Mindful hunting: tradition, sport, habitat
2. Bow hunting
3. Hunting – sport tourism destinations


1. Fishing in lakes, rivers, seas, ponds, streams, etc.
2. Sport fishing – “Catch&Release” and other techniques
3. Fishing – sport tourism destinations

Mindful Hunting

Nowadays hunting and fishing are not just only sports but parts of nature protection and conservation. There is no area in the Earth which is not affected by human activities. Hunting protects nature with the management and conservation of habitats for all species of plants and animals. It controls and regulates the anthroponetic activities and presence in the aim of wildlife conservation.